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Fireworks causing your pet stress?

With the fireworks season now upon us, you may find one of a number of natural calming products can help your pet.

We have a selection of products in stock, including the Pet Remedy range of plug-in diffusers, sprays and wipes, and also Beaphar Calming Collars and Calming Spot-On.


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Tribal Cold Pressed – Now In Stock

We are now stockists of Tribal Cold Pressed Dog Food!

Tribal is produced using fresh meat which is cooked at a lower temperature than traditional dry foods, to ensure that more goodness is locked in. There is no swelling or bloating as the food slowly breaks down in the stomach, making it gentle on the tummy and good for the dog’s digestion.

It’s available in the full range of lifestages, from Puppy through to Adult and to Senior, with the Senior also suitable as a Light variant for Adult dogs.

tribal-cold-pressed-dog-food-fresh-turkey tribal-cold-pressed-dog-food-fresh-salmon tribal-cold-pressed-dog-food-fresh-duck